Do not f**k Estonian rules

Our Estonian friends are far away from us [Latvians] with mentality fight for honest and follow all rules. Fight against soviet mentality.

Estonian Police

Nice illustration to crosspost, in Latvia we would have two policemen standing and checking all the line and huge traffic jam. Estonian found the solution how to check huge crowd going out from ferry Saaremaa-Estonia without any delay. But their queue control is something, that makes me to think about relocation to Estonia 😀

P.S. Besides of Estonian Rules, we have seen outstanding nature of Saaremaa and Hiuumaa. Unplanned trip was very nice experience, because you do not wait for something special, but get it. We managed to find exclusive place to sleep for two nights. Only trouble was funky travel guide, where at least 7 objects of 20 don’t exist.

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  1. nice photo 😀


  2. Nice boys 😀


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