Why do people come to Bali

Bali night life ! One guy wanted to show us Bali night life, we were not able to refuse him, we went to one of the tourist bars. At least now I understand, why people from the bars come to Bali !

Not to see amazing sunset, not to try Indonesian food, not to enjoy Bali yellow-sand beaches. Probably they do all that things or some of them, mostly of them come to *u** [sorry]. Nothing more. If you are young, just look at the girl and ask her, “where are you from”. It seems all you need to ask, simpler as it could be. Party on the bar was a broken hearted men and women party [it seems for me]. At the beginning go-go-go dancing started with women climbed up to the bar table, I’ve never seen so many hungry eyes before…

Something is wrong.

Of course couples are not going to the bars, they are enjoying more beauty places. But I don’t believe that all that crowd were lonely people. I understand that being far from home, you don’t care about your actions, because you won’t be back tomorrow there. But not in that way, I wasn’t expected that it’s so. Just speak with girl you like or even she will start to speak by herself. Then she offers go to the hotel, or it can be he doesn’t matter. If you had a bad luck local women will be eagerly to offer their services, but for money.

What did I do in the bar ? No controversy, I was watching football Italia-Romania and was drinking Bintang beer. Sometimes we were interrupted by girls, probably now guy who took us to bar thinks that I’m a guy, as denied all the requests. At 2 o’clock we went back to the hotel, because our australian friend agreed to go on surfing…

3 responses to this post.

  1. I took a bike to Ubub, nice place to read a book, sit back and relax


  2. Purpose of my visit to Bali was work trip.

    I haven’t visited Ubud. I visited Kuta, where our hotel was located. Denpsar to visit one Bali family, rain forests deep in island.

    I liked sunsets in Bali, I have never seen any similar sunset somewhere else.


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