Simply Surfing or riding riding the waves

Second story about australian guys and surfing. Oh man, it’s amazing !!!

I’d two australian guys on my training from Brisbane city, they offered me and Janis to try surfing, as well they offered to go and visit Brisbane and their famous Gold coast.

We woken up early in the morning, it was 6:20 and when punctual australian guys knocked in the door. “Let’s goo !“. We rented big surfing desks [5$ per 2 hours] on Kuta beach. They said us that it’s more easier to surf with a big desk for the first time. Before riding the waves we tried to surf on the beach.

Learning to Fly

Then jumped into Indian ocean to make first surfing. Our great instructors helped us and literally were babysitting with us in the water. They told us few important things, we should know before surfing. When you are waiting for the wave you should start paddling in correct time and paddling very very hard to catch the wave, otherwise wave will go step ahead of you. Very quick jump needed to stand up on the board, when wave caught you. Standing in correct position is vitally to carry a speed. The last and small requirement, it’s great if you able to swim.

Riding the Wave

When wave is taking you and on the amazing speed, you are being brought back to the cost. Feelings are awesome, when you are standing up and surfing. Especially, when you catch wave in correct time and has enough strength to jump up and stand on the board. I can compare surfing to motorboat, but what do you feel on motorboat, nothing. Standing on the board and going on a high speed over the water on the wave, that’s awesome !!! One wrong movement one mistake and you in the water drinking salt water from ocean.

Surfing is something that you will never get in Latvia. Thank you australian guys for new awesome experience. See you in Gold Coast

Latvian/Australian Surfer Team

8 responses to this post.

  1. Nice Experience!


  2. OMG nice!!!

    (P.S.: surfing boards)


  3. Posted by pey on June 16, 2008 at 4:58 am



  4. i would love to try but i am afraid of deep ocean


  5. Nice to see new faces here, Max and Pei.
    Awesome experience but when you have a good teachers, like we had from Australia.

    Liencha, it’s not so deep 2m is maximum, where biggest wave starts. I’m afraid of trees, that’s why I haven’t tried snowboarding, but some guys are saying, that it could be similar experience.


  6. Posted by pey on June 18, 2008 at 11:24 am

    any snow in latvia? :p


  7. Yes, we have snow and ice on winter, from November/December to January/February, at least we used to have 🙂
    Global warming is changing us.

    -15 -5 is common temperature on winter.


  8. Posted by pey2 on June 18, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    so it’s very cold on winter n around 22 degree on summer time.. this is on current global warming condition?


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