Yogyakarta Food

My first lunch in Yogya was the most impressive …

Lunch TIme

Officiant just brought all the stuff that they have in the menu [mostly fish dishes]. The system is very easy, how much you so much you pay. I’m wondering how they remember, which food is missing. After you finish officiant comes and writes what is on the table, then magic formula is used to calculate price. And You pay for the missing dishes…

There is no spicy food at all, the same is for pork dishes. Plenty of rice and nuddles dishes together with mix of chicken, beef, lamb and shrimps. Yes, on the same plate at once [traditional way]. To get a food a little bit spicy, everywhere you can find Indonesian Chili sauce, that tastes like it’s been favorite sauce in heaven for a long time [I hope to get some time and bring few bottles to Latvia].

Huh, as well you can get a duck. I haven’t tried, but they bring real duck, I cannot imagine how it’s possible to put this duck inside you.

Yogyakarta prices for the food amazes the imagination. We ate 3/4 of the dishes you see in the image, it was quite big lunch for the four people, which cost 10 US dollars [big huh in your face]. Even respectable restaurants offer quite nice and affordable prices. By the way, they have a solution for not nice american ice tea, which is made from real tea. Additionally liquid sugar bottle is offered to you, that makes ice tea really delicious.

Now, in Bali [tourist place] everything is different, 2 or 3 times expensive food and quality is completely different. But, it’s different story, now some more about Yogyakarta…

7 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like fun 🙂 So fish dishes are a big thing there? Bring me some of the spicy sauce too 😀


  2. fish dishes….(puke)… i would have problems there


  3. Fish dishes is not a big thing, it was fish restaurant [don’t worry Liencha]. Chicken takes the first place for the main dishes, then steamed rice, lamb, fish, duck. Plenty of food, yesterday in Thai restaurant, we discovered a lot of pork.

    I’ll try to bring that chili sauce for you as well, I like it very much.


  4. But I can say for sure, there is no too much vegetarian food here.


  5. chicken, fruits would be ok. Sauce for all! 😀


  6. Now I have a diet, on the morning I eat fruits [watermelon and pineapple], for the lunch I eat fruits [watermelon and pineapple].
    We are going to different places on the evening and our local friend Novan is Indonesian food expert.


  7. I like fish very much 🙂


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