Tourist in Home Sweet Home

Yes, I’m a tourist ! Tourist in my own home, sounds weird. Last three months I have something in my head…

Who is that “something” ? Something is the feeling, that after few days will be –> Coffer —> Airport —-> NEXT destination.

Time for the next Destination now. I don’t which one which exactly, it could be Jakarta or Jogjakarta. But I have tickets only to Jakarta, actually final destination is Bali.

Indonesia. I’m [typical european] know almost nothing about Indonesia [sleeping asian giant]. What do I know, only three facts:

– largest archipelagic state;
– largest muslims country;
– 4th largest country by population in the world…

When I was young and grass was greener, I had a dream. Very simple dream, I dreamed about my future work. When every new month I can start in different country and I’ll visit every country in the world to the time, when I’ retire. Unconsciously my dream came true, at least for short time, every new month I have new destination.

But you know, when there is a feeling that you are guest in own home. I’m starting to reconsider my dream, one month is too short period and I’m becoming older. If it would be 2 or 3 month break… Soon I will get back to my daily routine and I’ll work only in the office for 6 or even more months.

Oh, have you ever traveled for 30 hours by airplane…I don’t know my flight between Jakarta — > Jogjakarta —> Bali,

From Riga (Riga International Airport) to Amsterdam (Schiphol)
Flight number KL1324
Departure time 13:00 Wed 4 Jun 2008
Arrival time 14:30 Wed 4 Jun 2008
From Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International)
Flight number KL0809
Departure time 21:00 Wed 4 Jun 2008
Arrival time 17:00 Thu 5 Jun 2008

Flight from Jakarta,

From Jakarta (Soekarno-Hatta International) to Amsterdam (Schiphol)
Flight number KL0810
Departure time 18:35 Mon 16 Jun 2008
Arrival time 05:35 Tue 17 Jun 2008
From Amsterdam (Schiphol) to Riga (Riga International Airport)
Flight number KL1323
Departure time 09:05 Tue 17 Jun 2008
Arrival time 12:20 Tue 17 Jun 2008
Flight duration 21:45 h

See you.

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  1. gaidam atskaites un bildes


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