Chicago [II] on the way to the next destination…

The last chance to post something about Chicago, as today/tomorrow I’m going to the longest trip…

I want to share some photos of Chicago downtown, click on photo and see more on my Flickr [if you would like].

The interesting fact about Chicago downtown, it was completely destroyed by fire in XIX century and rebuilt from the zero point by the best american architects. All streets are straight and everywhere you can see geometrically correct squares. Well, time to fire one of our cities and see how it would be restored. Joke.

Chicago downtown is full of skyscrapers, real America !!! Something similar to pictures you can see in movies,

Chicago Downtown

When I returned to Latvia, I hear from few people that Chicago downtown is one of the most beautiful industrial downtowns in the world. Maybe. I don’t know. Walking down to Chicago streets I had a strong “Déjà vu”, I’ve seen it somewhere. It was Frankfurt, where I fall in love to its skyscrapers from the first minute.

It could be the reason why I wasn’t so surprised by Chicago skyscrapers. As first love for skyscrapers city belongs to Frankfurt. And Chicago is placed second it my to of skyscraper’s cities.



If you will ever go to Chicago, take boat trip ! Always boat trip is one of the best way to see a city, and boat guide will tell you a lot of different stories and legends about Chicago…

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