Guitar or Chicago I [one]

Time to overcome laziness and post something about Chicago trip. The other reason why I’m not posting is my new gadget that I brought from US…

To remember our Trip was divided into 3 parts, I will talk about 1) and 3),

1) Sunday’s shopping;
2) Monday’s – Friday’s work;
3) Saturday’s Chicago downtown excursion.

One guy from Chicago said: “Europeans, you are rich in US now, enjoy”. We had one day for shopping – Sunday, to feel our richness. Shopping “fever” is new disease for all Europeans traveling to US – 500$ cool laptops, cheap cameras, “bargain” Iphone…

Mine birthday gift was the purpose of the shopping day for me. Guitar store was my destination. We had to walk, one mile walk nothing for crazy Latvians. I had the same feeling going down to Naperville roads, like month ago in India. In India people were showing with fingers to us, because we are white [first white people for a year], in Chicago they were showing to us because we were walking.

We approached the Guitar store [Naperville,IL], that offers too much stuff for suburban musical shop. Try to find something similar in Ogre[Latvia]. It’s a pity, but J5 Fender guitar was not in stock, model I was looking for. I had tried other Fender electro/acoustic guitars in stock, but they were not too comfortable. Doh ! I started to play on all available guitars, one by one. The one that I liked much by sound, visual, price – it was/is Ibanez.

Ibanez AEF30ETBK

I decided to take it and informed shop assistant, who was very kind and helped me. He used technique, that is called “let’s bring some more money for our shop”, he gave visual similar but 300$ more expensive model. Of course it sounded much better, I was almost ready to buy better one. As you already decided to spend money, who cares about some additional money, take better model. I almost did. At the last moment I was able to calm my emotions.

What can I say about my new Ibanez ? I played a little in the hotel, few times I asked a question for myself. Why this guitar costs 10 times more, than the model I have at home. I understood the difference, when I got to home and compared them. It sounds great, it’s fantastic to get clear and deep sound. Just put the fingers and guitar is playing by itself. Like entire life you were driving “Zaporozhec” or old track car and were satisfied with comfort, then occasionally changed it to Lexus…

2 responses to this post.

  1. it is nice to have the skill to play guitar, i remember one guy in school teached me but i din’t understand and couldn’t put fingers on it quit right, the distance was too big, maybe because i have too small hand, who knows..


  2. Everyone can have the skill !!!
    Fender guitar will be suitable for you, their fretboard is extremely small, so my [small] finger[s] tapped two strings all the time.


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