Responsibility or Human factor disease

Responsibility. How simple that word is and it’s not hard to be responsible.


Human factor, in fact one person laziness or bad mood can do a lot of things. Imagine, simple guy in a call center [or department related with clients communication] can catch a bad mood loose concentration and company good face could be in danger, that earned for years.

OK, one bad-mood person is not able to destroy company face. It’s more individual: 1[one] 2[two] 5[five] or 25[twenty-five] unhappy clients for a day is not the entire world. These 5 unhappy can talk to some other 25 friends and so on, but not to 6 billions.

Nice to know, there are companies which care about their clients [at least care about people in company who are working with clients].

Yesterday was a big surprise to receive reply from local representative of Lufthansa to non-trivial question after 30 minutes [sending e-mail to hidden address]. Yes, Lufthansa is too big company and they should care. But time ago it wasn’t a problem to receive reply from UPS and DPD, but up to this time I receive nothing from their concurrents.

It could be that my questions were received by “right” person [who cares], and by bad in negative case. Who knows ? Someone can have completely different experience.

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