Question about musical instrument transportation ?

Do you have any experience for music instrument transportation for flights from US [United States] ?


I will travel with Lufthansa from Chicago and I want to carry a guitar onboard. Kind LuftHansa representative replied to me, that it depends on my luck. Flight Cabin crew may allow to take it on carry-on baggage, but I should be prepared to pack it good and pray that check-in travel will not destroy guitar. And they can refuse compensation.

Thank you for feedback.


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  1. Posted by jenny on May 8, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    In our international events participated some guys with guitars (probably Italians and Spanish:))I guess they transported it as a carry-on baggage. So apparently it is possible.


  2. Well, probably there will not be big difference between Europe and Transatlantic flights. On the other way, good point to look for good bag 😉


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