Я достаю из широких штанин…

How did they allow passport with such color ?


Yeah, our generation is not grown up on queue discipline. By the way to get back in USSR you do not need to go to Kubuli, visit PMLP [Office of Citizenship and Migration] in Riga. To get the real queue experience I suggest Kurzeme’s or Vidzeme’s branches. Do not miss the chance when passport boom is on the way.

Mister Chaos is conducting show there, I can talk about Vidzeme branch, where I changed my passport. As experienced user I was there at 7:30am, queue was reordered few times and sometimes fight between queue members was inevitable.

Do not go to Latgale and Zemgale branches. Mega advanced system is used there, that don’t allow to feel queue spirit. They are using electronic number system [bourgeois stuff], certainly you miss a chance there to see 25 persons emerging before your turn with shooting “We’re standing in queue from 5:30am, let us go…”


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  1. мдя. колёр ублюдошный 😦
    bessī ārā tā europa, pat pasu krāsu mums nosaka. fak!


  2. Doh, agree with you about that we have to use color, that Simon says.
    18 years ago red passport was like red cloth for bull, now silence and nobody complains about that.
    But I own my blue passport as well, that is more favorable for me.


  3. In two days I will also be the proud owner of a Soviet-looking passport. As a left-wing supporter I’m not furious about the use of the red colour but I hate the way it is imposed upon us by the EU – as if it really was an issue of high importance. My personal choice would be allowing having the passport in any colour you like – so people who would want it would have a black, a pink or a #FD23AC coloured passport 🙂


  4. #FD23AC and #FFFFF color will make chaos and passport will loose it’s systematic spirit.

    I do not care about the color.
    But red passport story seems a bit funny, just another point in Latvia EU relations, that was 18 years before. Previously everything was bad, now everything is good !


  5. Posted by po on May 7, 2008 at 10:27 am

    I very smile – two latvians write english to each other


  6. Po, where is your problem ? I can speak other language with you.

    P.S. If you didn’t notice, that posts mostly are posted in English language.


  7. po, ich habe doch gesagt – es gibt kein schprachenbarrier im internet. es gibt auch keine grenzen


  8. Posted by po on May 7, 2008 at 11:02 am

    Your English is good enough for Russians and Latvians, but it would kill a native speaker. Even with my poor English I can spot a mistake or two in virtually every sentence.


  9. usually native English speakers are not so captious, they value that someone is trying to talk with them in their native language. Only latvians and are so captious about it. And why don’t write in English if you want to practise or you have some friends that don’t speak latvian (also if your language is not so perfect)? My En is worst than Sergejs but it don’t stop me to try


  10. and about passport, actually i like red ones. People give meaning to colour, not colour to things….


  11. Red is your favorite color, I know. It is more about principles, not about colors.

    It is about principles. That previously RED soviet passports were so baaad, but now new bosses said we must use RED and we are using them.


  12. po, i your first comment was not intended as parody, your english is far worse …


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