Keep Silence !

It was a myth before. Something that everyone could think about it, but didn’t make it public.

So what ? “Come to Butthead baby” !
One mistake and everybody is talking about it.

It is not necessary to be marketing guru to see some obvious things. I must admit, that previously Mister “Centis” campaign for Maxima ads had been likeable for me. At least it was much better than “Rimi” questionable “Sasakup” slogans.

but “One shot and glory…”

Centis Ubele

The last Centis ad about ISO certificate and myth about

washed salads

[go figure how people from western countries can image washed salads] is smashing Jack Pot. Everybody is talking about …

Of course about that everything is being washed there. Salads, fish, put your word here, etc.

Interesting, what will follow the ad ? Whether they will try to fix or ignore.

P.S. Inspired by the resource, where you can find some bad latvian ads. I had similar idea about the similar projects for bad latvian ads [for 1 or 1.5 year]. Great that someone, made the idea live.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I do not pretend to the title of the first god 😉 Just posted impressions from weekend. Thanks for the link !

    Let’s wait how the story continue.


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