Today is holiday in Latvia, I’ve decided to watch first UEFA cup game. I want to see, who is mister Tymoschuk [who is pretending to best defensive midfielder position]? Semi-final game between FC Bayern and Zenit.

That was second football game, that I watched this year. First was Barcelona – Manchester United 0:0, to be honest I go to sleep at 55 minute of play. Not this time !

4:0 is big surprise, I believe not only for me. Zenit won the game, not FC Bayern .

In case you know something about sport, you might know that FC Bayern was named as the main favorite for UEFA CUP at at the beginning of this season. Boom, 0:4 how it could be possible ?

How it could be possible, that fearsome Kahn got 4 balls,


Bayern squad is not compared to Zenit squad: Toni, Klose, Podolski, Ryberi, Schweinsteiger will definitely tell more for football fans,then Pogrebnyak or Zirjanov after all.

Zenit squad is not full of star and popular players, that are popular outside of Russia [it’s not a big secret]. But how they played surprised me as much, as game result surprised FC Bayern players, I believe.

I’m not sure that I will support any team in Champions League final, but for UEFA final I will sympathize to Zenit certainly. Good Luck for them !


2 responses to this post.

  1. I also didn’t expect Bayern to collapse this heavily but as a regular anti-supporter of German football I can’t be happier 🙂


  2. I’m fan of German footbal 🙂


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