Don’t do it !

Do not remove printer files to save extra space for you Leopard [MAC OS] !

One day screwed to figure out, why export file to PDF is not working correctly. It happened someday, when I figured out that extra space can be saved on Leopard by removing printer files. Guys reported that it works smoothly, and Leopard is smart enough to download specific printer driver, that didn’t worked for me.

Indeed more than 4 GB were saved on my MacBook, after HP and Canon files removal. I was so happy about that fact until yesterday, when it was ruined by PDF export problem.

Every application [Preview, Keynote, Pages] reported error, when I tried to export,

Picture 21.png

Not very informational popup about the problem. I have overused uncle Google to find out the solution, only two reliable solution emerged. One fixprinter program that does not work on Leopard [but many users reported that it works on Tiger], second to fix one folder permission [that is done].

Normis offered solution to reinstall Leopard. No way it is not XP, I will fight till the end to find the solution.


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