Dazed and Confused

We visit Rimi once a month [Latvian supermarket], today was that day. First time I was really dazed and confused, that supermarket offers something for free.

Gifted Seeds

Gift from the most commercial institution – supermarket. Hard to imagine, that supermarket bosses care about the problems.
Why do we honored to receive gift from Rimi ?

We payed cash officer money and started packing products, then he said “Hey, you must take these seeds, it is special gift from Rimi to you”. As we didn’t used usual polytene bag to carry, but our brand new bio cotton bag,

Bio Cotton Bag

Got that bag in Berlin, it costs 1.5 Euro there, I heard rumors that in Latvia it can cost up to 10 Euro [who knows].

Going to Rimi you can get a bonus, when you are using nature friendly bag. It could be useless bonus, but it means that someone of them cares.

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