On the way to home… That was only a fantasy

Airport is introduction and summary for every new country. Mumbai airport is not an exception. Suspicious people are standing near entry, it is not too much cleaner comparing to the streets.

Which words should be used to describe waiting for the flight feelings : finally, no way or I do not care…

I believe it is more finally… 10 days away from home is too long time. It does not matter that +35 will be changed to +3 +5. It does not matter that chicken tikka and delicious vegetarian food will be changed to traditional latvian food [go figure which is traditional latvian food]. It does not matter…

I could not live in India for sure. Why ?

Poverty !

20 % of Indian population is below that edge. Every second Mumbai inhabitant is living on the shelter or sometimes shelter can be a privilege. So what ? It could be very hard to go to work, school, store, vacation and meet poverty people every day. People who have a lack of home, lack of food, lack of clean water…

India is fairy tale of two people. One is very rich, second is very poor. Go figure who is happier. Certainly I would not like to be on second, but about first… That’s a question ! I do not like manners and the way, how first group people are communicating and behaving with second group.

Mumbai [India] is definitely a good place where to think about the life values, understand that past problems were nothing and the way to discover unseen world…

Originally created on 7:07 [IST, Indian Time], 4:37 [Local Latvian Time]

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  1. i like your descriptions about India. I think that if i were there my feelings would be something like yours


  2. Thank you Liene !


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