Key of Thane [Mumbai]

Work is over finally, and two more days left before coming back to Latvia. Sorry no more pictures, because camera batteries are empty [before the trip I did not expect to take so many pictures].

I understand why I like India so much, ok part that I’m visiting. It’s authentic. The place we are living are not made for tourists. Nobody wants to sell you their crap, nobody wants to tell that their products are the best, nobody doesn’t advertising any fool. People are just living their lives, they sell their goods, they make a food, they bring food, they sleep on the roads, they drive like crazy, they … They do not disturb you. Even you are [european] and something unusual for them.

There could be places where local people can bother you, but it does not look India has such place. Like it was in Egypt where people are ready to sell all for 1 dollar or more. One small thing difficult to accept that for a day you have been called “sir” for at least 80 times a day. But it does not look like they want to sell you their soul to change their lives.

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