See you on the Dark Side of the Moon

I’m flying to the Gateway of India.

I’ve always thought, that India is located below the equator and it should be the first time, when I cross the equator to the south. So what ?

I was wrong the equator line goes below India over Brazil, Central Africa, Indonesia.

World Equator

This is my third visit to Asia, first visit to half real and authentic Asia. Mumbai[Bombai] does not positioned like authentic India city, some sources are telling, that it is like New-York in the USA. City exception.

Once in my life I was at the same level to the North, when we explored Ural. Nizhniy Tagil always associates with 6 hour trips in LAZ bus with temperature near 30. Conditioner [what the hell is that ?]

Nizhniy Tagil

To compare coordinates,
Mumbai – 72.82
Nizhniy Tagil 60.35

India is something special.


Riga – Helsinki
Thu 10 April 2008 17:40 – 18:35
Helsinki – Mumbai (Bombay)
Thu 10 April 2008 20:00 – 06:10


Mumbai (Bombay) – Helsinki
Mon 21 April 2008 08:15 – 13:45
Helsinki – Riga
Mon 21 April 2008 16:05 – 17:00

See You.

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