CHL Calendar

Are you kidding ?

Calm me , say it is a bad joke or 1-april syndrome !!!

What is CHL ? It is Continental Hockey League, new Russian’s alternative project to NHL [National Hockey League].

CHL is looking for big competition with NHL. Sounds great we will have alternative, especially when hockey club from Latvia is invited. Mystical 2-days old Dinamo Riga is invited, big hockey can return to Latvia [great!].

Few years ago NHL destroyed old traditional division system and sticked to geographical division formation. Idea was heavily criticized, some traditional derbies gone away, but economical part of idea was successful. Clubs are saving money for long flights, players are saving energy. Great, but not with CHL.

Let’s introduce distance between Dinamo Riga and groups members,

“Lokomotiv” (Jaroslavl), 948 km
“Lada” (Togliatti), 1882 km
“Avangard” (Omsk), 3471 km
“Sibirj” (Novosibirsk), 4164 km
!!! “Amur” (Khabarovsk), 7027 km

How about the hockey play after 15 hour flight ? Are you kidding ?
NHL commercial divisions sorting is looking so good. That a shame, geographical idea was not taken into consideration !

Crazy Rules

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  1. On one hand I agree that the idea to place Riga in the same division with Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk is pure nonsense. Still I’m not a huge fan of the NHL system either as nowadays NHL teams have too few games against teams from the other conference (sometimes there are no games between teams for several years). So if I’m not mistaken Ovechkin hasn’t yet played a single match in Detroit – and that ain’t especially cool. But as the CHL system presumes enough matches against clubs from other divisions it’s pure nonsense that there is no regional division in the tournament.
    Plus everything concerning Dynamo Riga is too blurry at the moment – so far the club doesn’t have any players and coaches, or even a home arena.


  2. CHL management has plans to be commercially income project, not just government money project. Anyway we do not have any news about calendar, probably division selection will not make sense.


  3. Posted by ranndino on May 26, 2008 at 6:26 pm

    I just found out about Dinamo Riga being resurrected and am ver excited as this is a club of my childhood.

    However, when I saw the setup of the division that was also my first thought – are they crazy? For a territory of that size they should have definitely done it by geography.

    Looking at the Google map with all the teams that’s linked from the Wikipedia page Dinamo Riga should be in a division with SKA St. Petersburg, Dinamo Minsk, Severstal Cherepovets, Vityaz Chekhov and Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

    It would not be that weak of a division strength wise either. Loko are one of the best teams in Russia, so is SKA… Severstal is not bad… Can’t judge the strength of the Latvian and Belorussian teams yet, but they could be decent also. So far Dinamo Riga have signed 12 Latvian national team players.


  4. We cannot judge a lot about Dinamo now.
    Let see the calendar and let’s hope that Dinamo Riga project will be continued and it will not die too early.
    Our generation could have an opportunity to see some good hockey too.


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