Brain Damage II [Two]

I want to share with two worst computer inventions for me.


Two invented tools are bothering me every day and leaving bad impact for any computer user [not only for me]. They are saving human brains from two vital functions: writing and counting !

1) Spellchecker, browser’s spellchecker. Damn it ! I’m using web-browser and text composing heavily at work.
There was a time, when I overused bad spellchecker. One day when I tried to write some text without computer help on plain paper. Big problems emerged to write some words, I waited for invisible spellchecker popped up and saved my brain from thinking how to write word correctly.
Stop using your spellchecker or at least think about crosslined errors in your text.

2) Calculator ! You can argue with me and said, that calculators exist outside of the computers.
Ok, I heard about that, but I do not own any calculator for last 5 or 7 years. Indeed computer calculator does its job very well. It keeping your brain away from simple arithmetic and one day you can find that you do not know the answer for 8×8 equation or worse for 8×3.


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