Think Different

Do you know about Six Thinking Hats ?


Six Hat method invented by Edward de Bono offers simple and effective method for brainstorming and collecting great ideas. Hats can be useful for big working groups and alone person struggling with the project.
Show begins and you start wearing hat one by one to produce effective ideas,

1) White Hat, Information, calls for facts and knowledge about the topic.
2) Red Hat, Feelings, stands for opinions and feelings about the problem.
3) Yellow Hat, Why it will work, time for optimism and positive notes.
4) Black Hat, Why it will not work, symbol of criticism and negative aspects [by the way my favorite hat, despite of the fact that at cold days I wear yellow hat].
5) Green Hat, Creativity, asks for new approaches, ideas generations and provocations.
6) Blue Hat, Conclusion, manages results and gains of 5 hats

Hats can help to systematize your problem solving methods, avoid unneeded talks and speculations between group members, save from wasting time. Traditional way of problems solving based on knowledge and experience – undoubtedly the fastest and most effective. Traditional schemes work great until the moment, when out of the box solution is necessary.
Who needs traditional solutions ?

Lost in Thoughts

3 responses to this post.

  1. as usually my hat is more red 2) Red Hat, Feelings, stands for opinions and feelings about the problem.


  2. Hm, actually I’m using Red Hat, when I’m fighting with problem alone, however in groups I’m wearing Black [usually] 😉


  3. I have one grey too.


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