The Big Game, The lunatic is on the grass.

Do you know what is The Great game ?

No, it is not Super Bowl final game and even not big money Poker game.

R. Kipling introduced The Great Game for masses with novel Kim.
He gave the slogan for The Big Game,

When everyone is dead the Great Game is finished.

The Great Game is term for strategical fight for World dominance [emerged at the XIX century]. The Great Game started between Great Britain and Russia for supremacy in Central Asia. You can count for the World supremacy for that time. The Great Game continued in the XX century, even today The Great Game is not over [we are alive for now]. Only players are changing, the techniques and mistakes remain during centuries.

The Great Game is the battle between two dominant dipoles:

XIX century between Great Britain and Russia [original The Great Game],

XX century between USA and USSR [Cold War],

XXI century between USA and ? […]

Dipole World order is safer, it is safer for the entire World, only bad very bad for small territories and nationalities, where dipoles dominant countries interests are intersected. [Afghanistan, Persia others at the XIX, Europe countries, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Middle East, other at the XX]. Only dipole order is keeping the World from monopoly dominance, which is heading world to big catastrophe.

The Great Game

4 responses to this post.

  1. what about WW1/2?


  2. I think that before WW1/2, there were no dipole order. There were different forces, that were united or forced to unite, when the conflict started or was inevitable.


  3. Germany?


  4. I, Germany + Austro-Hungary, only after some time Turkey/Ottoman joined them.
    On the opposite Great Britain and France, there were a lot of speculation about Russia selection side [as recent relation between GB and Russia was not too warm, on the other hand there were no problems with Germany].
    USA and Italy joined after time.

    II, there were a lof of conflicts in different parts of the world, it was more closer to what can happen, when there is no dipole order. There were no two superpowers on each side, two superpowers emerged as result.


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