Back to The Middle Ages or evening with Candles

Today we participated in Earth day, so we turned off lights, electric appliances, routers [Internet], computers, etc.

We have dinner with candles instead of bulbs.


I found the greatest idea of this day, that is not to save electricity or get the attention for saving energy.

The greatest idea is to show people, that there are so many ways to spend time without common electricity gadgets, so participating people can start think about them.
Really, there so many !

5 responses to this post.

  1. I went to my parents and we switched off their house, effectively saving two household energy 🙂


  2. Nice, but Earth Hour did not find too many supporters in Latvia, as there were reports about peaking activity for electricity consuming at saturday.

    There were no too much information about event indeed.

    There were more supporters in other countries,
    All over Europe.


  3. Did you know that burning candle emits more CO2 than a simple tungsten bulb during the same period? 🙂


  4. Not really 😉 what about entire process from making electricity to bringing it to your home ?

    IMHO, such action is opportunity to find and consider alternative ways to spend your free time.


  5. CO2 is the least effect of electricity usage. The process of obtaining electricity should be taken as a whole, during which there is a lot of bad things happening.


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