Missing manual

How many products are proud of the fact, that there is any documentation required to use them ?

Well in fact there are many that comes without documentation [Windows XP, MacOS Leopard, etc.] 🙂 The problem is that most of the products are very hard usable without documentation.

I do not know how many Apple products come with manual,
as far as I remember none.
Leopard contains nice help articles, moreover it is intuitive and smart. N.R. wondered how smart it is, when you need to change infrared settings, you just write infrared in System Preferences, OS will point you to the right menu.
We have Leopard documentation on the Apple homepage, even video tutorials available.

Time has come, when I want to learn something more about Leopard, I ordered one nice book,


It looks like this book could very detailed and depth about different features, many of users found this book very useful let’s see.

P.S. In time post has been created I remembered about my first steps in the Windows world. It was long time ago, 96 or 98 year I do not remember precisely. When mom said me that I should go to computer courses.
I attended two month course, you can name this course as “Windows for megadummies” [huh 96-98, what do you want]. I successfully finished my dummy course and thought I’m megacool user now [so funny].
First home computer was purchased only at 2000.

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