Afghans free land

Can you imagine, that nobody has won a war against Afghanistan people ?

Since country of Afghanistan was established in 1747, it has no any valuable minerals, any valuable fossils, any oil deposits, there is[was] not any important trade routes across the country [only narcotic routes emerged in recent years].

There is nothing attractive, except crossroads location between asian east and west, north and south.

The most powerful nations invaded and fought against Afghanistan people, nobody is able to win them.

1) XIX century wars with Britain (one of the most powerful nation in XIX), Britain wanted to protect the richest India colony from Russia invasion or thoughts of invasion, so they found Afghanistan as the key,
First Anglo-Afghan War (1839-1842),
Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1881),
Third Anglo-Afghan War (1919).
Officially Britain forces withdrew in all wars, but they were occupied some territory. Then after 1919 when there were no more threat from just established USSR, they went away.

2) XX century was another invasion from Soviet Union,
Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1989) – Soviet involvement.
That officially was stated as war to protect communist regime in Afghanistan. 10 years took a lot of people lives and leave great impact on Soviet economy and Afghanistan further development. Civil wars never ended there.

3) XXI century started from another war against Afghans people,
War in Afghanistan (2001–present) – US/NATO involvement.
that was launched in response for the september attacks, so called war on terrorism (US and UK).

As you may see everything repeats, the result is always the same. We are lucky, we do not know how it could be 30 years without small change for peace.


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