Presentation Zen

I forgot to write about Presentation Zen here, which I finished time ago.


A lot of ideas for presenters accumulated there that are useful for entire process, from the beginning when looking for opportunity to make a presentation till the end when on stage presenting the result.

The main idea, the Book gives you APPROACH, NOT strict guidelines; like laws or school rules [you must add this, you must use that]. Don’t be confused with that (as I was at the beginning, when started to read), book does not contain any magic tips, that will make you the best presenter in the world.

Book starts with description about ekiben, special type of food that is sold in Japan trains. Author finds ekiben great balanced [harmonized] type food, which he calls a pleasant way to end the day. Author wonders, where is the problem to make the presentation in the same way, balanced and harmonized…

You will find plenty of author’s thoughts and ideas, that can be very helpful for your future presentations and hints how to find the harmony and balance. There is only one rule or suggestions, that Garr Reynolds strongly recommends – to use images on presentation as much as possible, of course there might be problem when you are limited by corporative rules, but even then you can find useful information !

Book’s one great example taken from Seth Godinh [if I’m not mistaken], when talking about pollution in your city, what is better
1) four bullet points about pollution data
2) photo of bunch of dead birds, some smog or even diseased lung, and talk give this information enclosed in four bullets.

Which is better, well I think the answer is clear, and there are others examples too.

There are other examples and ideas, that you may find interesting and learn to make your presentations better (at least it worked for me). However, I’m just rookie in this stuff.

Well what is the conclusion, this Book should be placed for your must have category, if you have any relation to presentations.


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