It could be great movie, if there were not some exceptions.


Movie is about 12 jurors, who decide about Chechen boy charged with murdering his stepfather. Actually movie is very interesting, there are different unexpected turns in movie line, especially at the end. There are 10 different stories plus main story line.

Different society layers are shown very brightly and every from 12 is representative of each layer (taxi driver, politician, engineer, tube worker, cemetery manager, media manager, etc.). Characteristics are displayed very clear, that are matching each layer.

Actually, IMHO movie is about indifference between people, between strangers. There is strong monologue,
“Все так !
и все.”

“All it the same,
seen something,
discussed it,
talked about it,
drunk for it,
smoked for it,
that’s all, no more action.

But there are some buts,
1) this idea was generally taken from 12 angry men, despite of the fact that original movie is about something different, the idea was not author idea.

2) writer is playing one of the role, the role that is something like God, the man who is above all of us.

3) I do not know, whether translation will be qualitative enough for this movie to express all the feelings and ideas.


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