Pecha Kucha Approach

Information about Pecha Kucha is taken from the book described on previous post.

What do you know about Pecha Kucha, I do not know nothing before. Pecha Kucha is the event. It was started at 2003 (Japan, Tokyo). It is presentation meetings.

Rules are very simple, every person has to use 20 slides (20 images) each show for 20 seconds, so 6 minutes and 40 seconds for each presentation. Then next presenter is up.

Hah, Riga is between the places, where Pecha-Kucha events are taken place. However, it looks like Latvian Pecha Kucha page is associating with architects, artists (men of art), designers (alternative allies). Anyway next event is planned for the end of February and its topic is “PROCESS. Contemporary Architecture in Latvia”.

“Pecha Kucha” – from Japanese, sound of conversation.

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