One of These Days or Citroen C3 Capacity

About Saturday.

Firstly I have thoughts to write about “Rigas Satiksme”, beauties of Riga public transport or the conductor, who makes 0.2$ over-income from each passenger. But let it be for their conscience.

I want to share more pleasant things. Certainly it is worth to spend one day without a car and see places around you, that are not possible with car.

One advertisement was so funny, it makes to remember mid January in San-Francisco, when there was something in the Air 🙂
Here is the advertisement,


Let’s hope it will be nice place in the future, not ordinary casino or night club for tourists.

Yesterday we have purchased bed, it was transported by the car from headline. Warehouse loader smiled:
-Are you crazy ??
these boxes will not feet in this car !

Heh, so what does fit into Citroen C3,



1. One Bad size 200cmx180cm, when it is packed/unpacked it does not look so big, like when it is ready for use.


2. Groceries for the week,


3. Driver,


4. and the last thing, 1 passenger,


Nice, isn’t it ?

Finally, we went to see Latvian Eurovision semi-final, well it is more about evening in very good company, rather than good show. Typical looking good boy is going to win Latvian Eurovision, as alternative band Pirates with half-black girl (from over-extensive solaurium), who is not able to sing. Ah, even previous year, when typical Eurovision project was the winner of national contest, there were normal alternative, I.Busulis with good charisma and crazy eyes.

One response to this post.

  1. About that advertisement I saw it too near monument of liberty and it was so funny that I regretted that I have no camera with me :)))


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