Managing vehicle costs tool.

This one is very nice,

This online service gives you ability to manage and calculate all costs for your vehicle. (I’m using home budget software as well, but there is no too much options for management, that I found on this server).

So, you register there (registration is free), enter your vehicle details. You are ready to use and get the total information, How much one kilometer costs to you.

1) you can add fueling expenses, it is possible to add even routes and driving style, besides quantity, price (in different currencies), speedometer information.

2) Moreover, all the information is saved and shown later, so you can follow gasoline price climb 🙂

3) Option to add different types of expenses, oil change, maintenance, almost 20 at the list.

4) Run analysis to find out expenses for maintenance, fuel and information about costs per kilometer.

5) No ads, very intuitive and simple interface.

Nice tool.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I think that this kind of tool is useless. Let’s say you find out this information about your new car – how much the repairs cost, the fuel, the lot … but there is no way to avoid these costs, so this information is pure numbers. Either you drive and pay, or you don’t drive and save.


  2. Posted by Sergejs on January 14, 2008 at 11:35 am

    Hm, life is useless then 🙂
    If this one is useless, all home budget apps are useless, you can save and do not spend money (just save).

    1) this is the good way to calculate, either public transport is alternative or not.
    2) easy tool to get average fuel consumption (fuel average costs, etc.).
    3) tool to calculate how much one kilometer costs to you.
    4) you can get the information, how much one spend money for the same car.


  3. no, buget app is very different. there are things on which you can save, and then there are unavoidable things. for example if your budget app says that you spend too much on public transport – you can get your bike and ride to work.

    but if your spritmonitor says that your car breaks down too much and the fuel price is rising … there is nothing you can do except sell your car … which you don’t want to do anyway …


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