Help to select projector for Home Cinema.

There are different ways to display entertainment content (movies, concerts, games, etc.) and build own “Home Theater”. As I’m strongly against cable/broadcast television, regular TV-set is not included into my wish-list. Projector is right solution for me (I do not say that it is not possible to get broadcast TV with projector, but it is more tricky than with regular TV-Set). Influenced by last day events I’m considering to get projector for home, that will satisfy my requirements.

So, I’m browsing and digging Internet for different reviews, suggestions and advices for home projectors. There are enough interesting and valuable information, however I want to share with one great resource, where I found a lot of useful information.

It is , it is great that seller is trying to educate customers as much as possible. I found a lot of information,

– of course, you can find different projectors to purchase, additionally there is extensive information and specification given, projector models are sorted.

– Web page strongest part is description about projects different functions and features theory, like description for brightness, contrast, resolutions, the difference between LCD and LDP, and much more.

– Nice tool for projector selection, that allows to select project for side to side comparison.

– Simple calculators for brightness and appropriate value of lumens for projector, !!! screen size calculator tool.

– Lamps! It is well known fact, that projector lamps are not able to function for ages, so buying projector you need to be aware of the lamp price (that is 1/3 or even higher), most likely that sometimes you will need to change the lamp. So you may use this tool, where you select manufacturer and enter model of the projector, as the result you get required lamp and price.

Great Job and personal gratitude for huge work!

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  1. Posted by rapsis on December 17, 2007 at 5:57 pm

    I would not advise that. Better choice would be big wide screen LCD TV. Why?
    1) You do not need as big screen at your home as projector can show (supposing that you have standard apartment 🙂 )
    2) Have u seen projectors at summertime? Brightness of the picture is acceptable only at nighttime.
    3) LCD TV looks better than projector with screen 🙂
    4) Osis was as excited about projectors as you are. He bought one. Guess what – if I am not wrong, he hasn’t been using it for ages.
    But that’s totally IMHO 🙂


  2. Posted by Sergejs on December 18, 2007 at 6:52 pm

    Thank you for the point, I appreciate it.
    Janis (Osis) already pointed to the main projector disadvantage, all movies should be perfect quality, either there are no satisfaction from it. Normis is saying that quality is fine for him, not so good but acceptable (go figure).

    Currently Projector is cheaper solution, as there are different choices,
    1) Projector + PS3;
    2) Big iMAC, PS3 is optional.
    3) TV + PS3.

    I have one wall ready, specially for projector.
    I agree that projector could not be perfect with ambient summer light. Most likely LCD will give more quality image. It is more expensive (good LCD TV), you can get easily cable TV there, theoretically projector occupies less space.

    I have not decided yet 🙂


  3. Posted by rapsis on December 18, 2007 at 9:33 pm

    “…I have one wall ready, specially for projector….” As I said – you do not need screen as big as your wall. U can not sit far enough from it, to get best effect from it. Your living room will look more like a classroom than living room. But that’s totally IMHO 🙂


  4. rapsis apparently hasn’t been in my apartment and seen bluray movies on the 110″ screen. when you do, I would gladly like to hear that “don’t need” sentence again 🙂 guess why sergejs is so excited about this now 😉

    you ALWAYS need a bigger screen


  5. Posted by Sergejs on December 21, 2007 at 10:25 pm

    Heh, I’ve forgotten to express indepedent opinion of my girlfriend.
    When we were going to N.R. apartment to gaze on ‘Planet Earth’ at 110 screen, she said “oh, projectors, they are crap. you will not get normal image and they are noisy bastards’. (typical opinion).

    Well if I would say, she was surprised, I would lie.
    She said, “yes, projector and only projector, I was wrong about projectors’.

    So currently we have two votes for projector.


  6. Posted by rapsis on December 22, 2007 at 2:09 pm

    1) what’s the point to go to the cinema and sit in the first row? (there is an optimal screen size for apartment)
    2) U need bluray movies for good quality
    3) U need bluray player and probably writer too, as I haven’t seen bluray movies in shops
    4) How about brightness in summer? I still haven’t seen acceptable brightness for projectors during summertime, when it is quite light in the room. If u can prove me, that I do not need absolute dark room to get acceptable brightness, I’ll take my words back 🙂
    5) U’ve never invited me to bluray movie :p


  7. Posted by Sergejs on December 22, 2007 at 2:16 pm

    1) Normis is very skeptical about cinemas,
    well screen size was good.

    2) Yes, you need good quality movie.

    3) Currently there is very good alternative PS3 🙂

    4) We will see 🙂


  8. 1. nekad taa neesi darijis? kada jega iet uz kino un klausities kaa tiinji aprunaa viens otru, meetaajas ar popkorniem, un filmas kvalitaate ir sliktaaka kaa CAM reliisee? Un kaads tad ir tavs optimums maajaas? 15″ 😀 Tu neesi redzeejis, tapec iedomajies nezko. Galva nav jaagroza, ekraans ir optimaali liels.
    2. Ne obligaati. Pilns internets ar visadam HD reliiseem, ap 2Gb. Izskatas lieliski
    3. ??? nedziivo vakardienaa? veikalos ir gan filmas gan speletaji. BR filma maksaa 12ls
    4. Ja tu gribi skatities tv, droshvien bus tev problema. bet es skatos tikai filmas – vakaros. dienai ir zhaluzijas un aizkari. Protams ka nav vajadziga absoluti tumsha telpa, es pieveru aizkarus un skatos. rekur telpa ar NEpieveertiem aizkariem:


  9. Posted by rapsis on December 24, 2007 at 4:42 pm

    Izskataas tiiri labi – tev gan ir tumsha telpa. Maneejaa ir uz dienvidu pusi un tur pa dienu un vakaraa spiid nezheeliiga saule. Vajag reaali melnus aizkarus, lai vinju noslaapeetu.
    Un 15”ir paaraak mazinjsh optimums 🙂 TV es neskatos. Pagaidaam ir palicis viens miinus tam projektorm – vai nu sienai jaabut baltai, taadaa gadiijumaa novietojums vairs nav mainaams bez telpas remonta, vai ari jaalieto ekraans, kas sabojaa telpas vizuaalo noformeejumu.


  10. es sienu nokraasoju peleeku vienaa vakaraa. stundas laikaa. izskataas labi. par to kvalitaati pret TV – nav tada TV kas par 650ls stavetu tuvu projektoram. par 2000ls (mirstiigo Elkor cena) protams jaa. bet upureejot izmeeru. bet taa ir cita cenu klase.


  11. nu bilde tapusi tagad, ziemaa jau kreeslains visu dienu. vasaraa protams ir gaishs un saulains, bet tam ir rullzhaluuzijas kas gandriiz tumsu uztaisa.


  12. Posted by rapsis on December 26, 2007 at 12:20 am

    es gribeetu redzeet, kaa viena vakara laikaa tu nokraasosi peleeku sienu meebeleetaa istabaa, kuraa uz sienaam ir saliimeetas tapetes 🙂
    Bet nu juus mani parliecinaajaat, ja TV neskataas, nedaudz piedomajot, projektors ir labaaks variants par TV


  13. Posted by Sergejs on December 26, 2007 at 10:50 am

    Projector ? Projector !! 🙂
    Rapsis, I have “virgin” big room without furniture, wall paper, but you are right it is not easy to destroy already furnished living-room.


  14. Posted by hearthealth on January 7, 2008 at 8:22 am

    Hi Sergejs, and if ever you feel like scouting for a home theater, Why not check out my two favorite home theater trend spotters? CNET, with the appropriate models suited for the size of your living room area
    and, which classified the very best according to various tastes and lifestyles.
    In the meantime, choosing the right home theater may be in the bag, but how do we find a way out when the format war is factored in?’s cue is not too shabby an advice, more so for high end buyers.
    Home theater tips here


  15. So why a projector over a flat panel TV?


  16. Posted by Sergejs on March 25, 2008 at 7:46 am

    Hello Will,

    1) I have free wall, so I get very wide screen [110 inches.
    2) It is cheaper.


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