The way to make Quicktime play all files.

It is not possible to play AVI, DiVX and some other Media Types with default Quicktime and without additional codecs.

That was my first disappointment, when I started to play with MAC OS, because I discovered FrontRow very quickly and like it. Quicktime is working in FrontRow, but there is no support for AVI by default.

So I’ve installed VLC, very nice. BUT you have to search find and install mystical VLC plugin to get movies in FrontRow from VLC player. However, sometimes VLC app throws unrecognized errors.

However next disappointment no subtitles in FrontRow (as no subtitles for Quicktime at all, doh).

Yesterday I discovered “Perian“. At their webpage they write, that Perian is the swiss-army knife for Quicktime. Perian enables supports for different additional media types, that are not supported by default Quicktime.

There are different media formats and I think you will find all you needed with that, but the most important feature is subtitles. Subtitles are working in ‘Quicktime’ can you imagine, so the final step to check either subtitles working in FrontRow.

NO, they don’t. Doh, subtitles are working with regular quicktime (not loaded in FrontRow), Perian is smart to load them, you just need to have movie file with the same name as subtitles file in the same directory.

But what about FrontRow ? It is supposed to be known bug, that at time subtitles are shown you see black screen, no subtitles no vide.

So let’s pray,  that this issue will be fixed sometimes, then we can forget about such troubles.

P.S. Forgot to mention, QuickTime Pro is required for that. As well, it is possible to create one file with subtitles,

– open your movie file (subtitles are loaded automatically);

– save this file, I suppose it will be .mov, but .mov that contains subtitles (nice).

– Yes, I need subtitles, sometimes subtitles are not needed, but mostly they help to catch all speeches in movie.


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