Uncounted reason to switch…

Well, it is iLife08. There are few programs go with it. Some of them are really for specific cases.

For example iMovie is extremely handy, when you need to edit and finalize filmed episodes by private-camera. GarageBand to create music in the interactive way.

But today’s topic is not about these nice programs, today about iPhoto 08. Cheap ‘point and shoot’, not cheap ‘point and shoot’, professional cameras, almost everyone has camera and takes photos (isn’t it ? ).

So sooner or later there is requirement to manage photos, iPhoto is one of the easiest way to get things done (that I’ve seen).

iPhoto program is very simple, just like other Apple programs, on the other hand there are too many things available there (or you can call things I want to see at such program).

0) The starting point is that iLife packet goes with your MAC (it was with my MacBook), so you may save some money with it. Anyway the original price for iLife is 79$, it should not be a big deal for 5 programs (everyone could find useful program from it).

1) My favorite option with iPhoto is image ‘edit’ functions. So, to edit manage you just need to select the image to edit. There are few functions available to fix the faults, you have done at time of capturing the image.iPhoto.

There is everything regular user (like me) needs to fix. Probably you have something that is not included here, it means you are very advanced photographer and need professional software, not software directed to regular user. Rotate, Crop, Straighten, Enhance, Red-Eye, Retouch and Adjust Effects. Yes, I can do everything like that in Photoshop, but I do not want to pay too much money for it license and I do not want to learn all the stuff about Photoshop (waste my time), just go and fix.

2) Option to crete slideshows, nice (really nice) photo albums without hard working could be useful too. As I long time ago promise to myself to organize all photos since 2003, but I do not have to much enthusiasm with previous OS. So you may easily export album to movie and burn disk with favorites photo slide shows as movie.

3) You can organize and manage photos by different events, calendar dates, etc. (no more manually created folders).

I remember time ago, two or three years when I purchased my camera and started to make photos (it was non MAC era yet for me, iPhoto 08 was not available too at this time too). I had one dream to use one applications, but in reality

– I was sorting photos manually by Explorer folders structure.

– I had used different programs to find these 6-7 functions from paragraph (1) available at one program with nice and understandable interface.

– I was using Memories on TV program to create slideshows.

Right now I finally got it. I have iPhoto. Yes, I know there are other different programs, that can do the same similar functions, sometimes on more advanced level even on MAC. I like iPhoto for very easy and intuitive interface (mommies and daddies interface) and there sets of functions I need.

It looks like someone stole my idea about how program for photos should look like


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  1. Posted by rapsis on December 6, 2007 at 12:46 am

    One thing that is really missing in Mac OS – gues what – smth like paintbrush in windows. I would never thought that i would miss paintbrush 🙂 Yeah of course I managed to find smth similar, but still, there are no programs on Mac’s standard installation package, that could do such a simple thing as image editing…


  2. Posted by Sergejs on December 6, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    Paint and Notepad two best programs in Windows, IMHO.
    I do not need this program, so I can’t recommend anything.
    It is very hard to create program easier like Paint, it misses some very valuables features, but it does job extremely well.


  3. Posted by Sergejs on December 6, 2007 at 10:28 pm

    Paint is exclusive one, there are not anything similar on Linux, I guess.


  4. Posted by rapsis on December 7, 2007 at 2:57 am

    As I said, I managed to find alternative for Mac OS. It is not as good as MS paint, but main functions are like on MS Paint.


  5. Posted by Sergejs on December 8, 2007 at 12:01 am

    Tell the name 🙂


  6. why the hell do you need somethin as stupid as MS paint? the only reason i used it – for screenshot pasting. which is not needed in macos, one key combination and file sits on desktop


  7. Posted by Sergejs on December 8, 2007 at 1:34 pm

    Paint is not stupid, it is simple.

    Well, I agree about screenshots, but what about to add simple graphing like line or something else to image.

    Second, it was big/enormous problem, when I’ve decided to write master thesis on Linux, there were problems with simple diagrams, that I can do in Paint for 5 minutes.
    But linux, I’ve tried Dia. Their program for diagramas.
    No way.
    It could work good with export, I’ve prayed and found a solution, to draw images in OpenOffice, but they are usually not so smooth.

    I do not miss any of the MS product in MAC OS, btw.


  8. Posted by rapsis on December 8, 2007 at 11:53 pm

    Normunds, I just had to fade car number in one picture. As I didn’t want to to look for something as big and heavy as adobe photoshop, I found smth small and easy to use for purposes like that 🙂


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