“F**k you mister policeman”.

Just, no comments.

It is about culture level of one Latvian policeman and respect to people.

First of all as part of salaries go to taxes. As far as I know some part of taxes are used to pay salary for policemen. But it is just for the information.

Today, I have got interesting experience and lesson for the future. Experience is conversation with policeman, lesson to record such conversation (my phone is able to record sound) and lesson to read rights and duties of policeman during the conversation.

I can accept, that I have violated rules. I stopped my car at place for invalids (by the way there were 3 empty places additionally), I had to wait for 3 minutes. So I started to write SMS, I have not noticed that police car emerged from somewhere.

Policeman came to me and without any intros (what is his name, which rules I have violated).

“You have to pay 20 Ls (40$)”, said the policeman.

“What is the problem ?”, as I really did not know, what is the problem. That’s a shame, even policemen do not know rules precisely. So, I use “administrative” resource – one colleague brother is the man, who participated to make all these rules.

Ok, my fault. I do not know, that I cannot even stop at place for invalids (not park, just stop for the minute).

So back to theme, 5 minutes of conversation was correct and polite, but it ended in the way.

“Ok, next time you will know, … вали от сюда *&%*[go f**k out of here], said the policeman.

Interestingly, what exactly made him to reply in such way ?

The fact that I did not give him 5Ls bribe, the lack of the culture go figure.

Everyone has “good times” and “bad times”, but for such moment I’m starting to feel sorry about Latvian folks-policemen relationships, as this not the first similar case. It would be nice to get something like German folks-policemen relationships (or even US :).


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  1. Thank Good I have never been stopped by policeman :). And I don’t know how to act or how to bribe policeman :))).
    But why he said it to you, and did you pay and what was the word? :))


  2. Posted by Sergejs on November 29, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    Tjfu-tjfu-tjfu, I have never received fee from policemen (even yesterday).

    The only explanation (I can imagine), why he was so rude, that I did not offer him 5-10-15 Ls bribe.
    Why should I ?
    I was ready to pay fee, (in case I’m guilty), but never offered him/anyone bribe.

    I do not have experience to bribe policemen, but I know someone, who has.


  3. I know too :))


  4. a lot of :))


  5. Posted by rapsis on November 29, 2007 at 9:29 pm

    it’s not Latvian folks to Latvian policeman attitude. It’s Latvian to Latvian attitude. Look at the people on the street – they are not friendly. They are unhappy and they do not smile. I’ve been to Check republic last summer. People are very friendly, helpful and smiley. So were policemen.


  6. Posted by Sergejs on November 30, 2007 at 8:25 am

    Yes, somewhere you are right Raivi.

    I agree, that mostly people are not friendly on the street. Usually they are friendly with friends,family, but on the street they are transformed.

    Not, even Czech Republic (however, surprisingly as they are also former USSR, but such attitude characteristic to former USSR countries), the same situation in all european countries where I have been, US level higher.

    I do not know probably my home education was wrong and naive, but my I have never learnt to think badly about strangers and start with negative attitude.


  7. Posted by rapsis on November 30, 2007 at 7:20 pm

    Little correction – Check Republic has never been part of USSR. They had some problems with Russian tanks and due that they gained USSR friendly government.


  8. Posted by Sergejs on November 30, 2007 at 10:37 pm

    Sorry, sorry my mistake, I did not add small addendum. I know, they were not (somebody saved them), but after 1968 “friendly” government left the same shapes, probably not so deep.


  9. Posted by rapsis on December 2, 2007 at 3:24 am

    Anyway I’ve been trying to figure out for a while why people are so unfriendly here. One thing Ī’ve noticed – the lower is the level of education the more rude they are. Not in all the cases, but very many of them…


  10. First – we do not know the rules, so that is bad, but policeman does not know them too.

    Second – if you have to use your cell phone, and you do not have handsfree system, that is your problem, you have to stop, where it is allowed.

    Third – if you stop at the Disabled parking space and you are actually blocking the space for actual disabled person, and person does not have place to park your fine is 20Ls if there are some free places left – 10Ls

    so, as you said – if there where some free places the highest fine is 10Ls and is absolutely payable and does not need to bribe anyone.

    So go and get that handsfree dock for your phone. if it has BT connection available, then get BT handsfree, so when you get inside the car – you are automatically switched to BT and all your calls go through the stereo system of your car, and f you change the phone – you only have to get one with BT 😉

    so, go and figure out.


  11. sorry for double posting – i love police as much as they love me – so yeah – f**k you mister policeman 🙂


  12. Posted by Sergejs on December 3, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    1) Heh, I agree to pay 10 Ls/ 20 Ls. But I do not agree with rude words and attitude from the police.

    2) Raivi, two reasons. One is consequence of the other, first 90-ties (after USSR era), second people are not sure about tomorrow. As younger people are more positive (at least most of my friends 🙂
    Of course, some kind of mentality is here as well, as some think:
    “All people who are smiling they are stupid idiots (like from one country)”.


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