Lyrics of the day [3].

Certainly I do not like “pure” lyrics (sorry piece of poetry could be correct word), or probably I do not understand or perceive such type of art. However, music lyric is something different, as some of them with deep meaning (at least for some) and good/great melody creates the right combination for me.

Probably, because lyrics are accompanied with good music, or music is accompanied with good lyrics (both). Anyway some song lyrics are able to touch deep inside. Mood takes big effect to the music/lyrics that you would like to listen at this time.

Moreover I think it is crime and big disrespect to listen only for songs, that are being rated as most popular. As far as I notice, when band/performer is creating good quality material, then all songs are able to “catch” in the specific moment. Not only these one, that are being created to attract mass public. I’ve found different albums, from the first time I thought that it is total crap, but from the 3-4 time they become very close for me.

Back to lyrics of the day [3], today one song “caught” me, good “medicine” to throw out something from you head. Excuse me, reader, in case you do not understand Russian at all, as I think it is not possible to translate lyrics into different languages and save the idea, that author wanted to open with the “master pieces”.

Прочь из моей головы!
Оборвав провода, спутав карты, фигуры сметая с доски,
Разбивая шлагбаумы на полном ходу,
Оставляя разрушенными города.

Из моей головы, где сферой становится плоскость,
Где то горит фейерверк, то тлеет свечка из воска,
Где музыка Баха смешалась с полотнами Босха
И не дружат между собой полушария мозга.

Где крутится строчка одна днем и ночью
Вали из моей головы очень срочно
И вместе с собой забери о тебе мои мысли,
Чтобы Богу не показалось что мы в этом мире слишком зависли.


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