Latvian Music, legal Latvian music.

Yesterday, we have decided to make donation to one Latvian rock band. We purchased recently released album “Rīga ir gatava” by “Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi” (by the way, it is translated as “Milk Carrier Adventures” 😀 or “Adventures of the person who carries milk”.

First of all we went to “Alfa” (one of the biggest stores center in Riga), as I thought there is “Gailitis-G” musical store. Hm, we had over checked stores plan 3 or 4 times, we were unable to find “Gailitis” store on the plan. Store’s homepage gives information, that one store is available at “Alfa”. Then we had moved to store “Centrs”, 30-40 minutes searched for parking place (time when everybody is blaming inflation and government, huh). There were no “Gailitis-G” on “Centrs”.

Finally, we went to old and truthful “Randoms“. “Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi” album’s CD was there. Oh, great. I must say, that album was a big surprise for me. Very interesting and music saturated piece on the Latvian Rock scene.

On the way home, I have asked question “What are the place, where I can buy legal Latvian musician records then.” Unfortunately, we are not UK or US, our bands are not so well promoted (just few of them), that they can go to the tour (or world, European, American, country) and earn money for extinction. As well due to the high level of the piracy, most likely bands are not getting too much money from the albums CD sale. So what are the places, that you can donate favorite band.

1) “Randoms“, Latvian music albums offered number is on the third (last) place, second is Russian music and first place “Arzēmju mūzika” (foreign music). There is no big choice for Latvian music, there are a lot  of “Prāta Vētra“/Brainstorm (one of the most famous Latvian bands) and “Raimonds Pauls” CDs. But not all bands were there.

2) Second one, I have found on the way home.

“Rimi” one of the biggest food stores. Interesting fact, that it looks like that there were more Latvian CD available at Rimi, rather then in Randoms.

3) I’m not sure about “Gailitis-G“, if I’m not mistaken, previously it was possible to purchase Latvian music there too.

4) “Micrec” or Microphone Records is the owner of the biggest local music catalogue, as well the place, where you can book albums from this catalogue. By the way, they offer “Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi” CD by 5.99, but 2.5 for shipping inside Riga, Randoms price is 7.99 🙂

Probably it is the best choice, at least you can find all music of bands, who have contracts with them.

5) There is no “iTunes” service available in Latvia, as well there are not Latvian Bands on iTunes. We have our own questionable “doremi” ‘iTunes’, however I’m not too certain about 100% clear and legal aspect of this service.

So, not too big selection, well probably it is normal for such small market (2 millions Latvian inhabitants). As well, only few bands are known abroad (Europe, Russia), but most of them are/will be stay on the amateur level (due to different factors, it is not very easy to attract foreign listeners, as well without normal manager they do not have any change to become known somewhere).


4 responses to this post.

  1. Upe i think is the best music store, and of course there is always Elkor with quite a big selection. Randoms is half-dead, and there is nothing else serious.

    About the band – I like Hospitāļu Iela a lot. Try and listen to them too.


  2. Posted by Sergejs on November 12, 2007 at 12:44 pm

    Thank for the, I will check. Hm, Elkor is something like Rimi, I guess, I will check it as well.

    Few songs of the Hospitalu iela are very good, I must say as well.

    About “PP”, music at the last album not too soft, not too hard (so as I like).
    Additionally interesting vocal and good combination with music.
    I have listened to all album 3 or 4 times and I do not have an idea to use ‘skip’ for any song.


  3. Posted by Guna on January 16, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    There islatest BrainStorm’s , Tribes of The City and catalogue of Raimonds Pauls’ albums available on itunes.


  4. Posted by Sergejs on January 16, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    But no iTunes for Latvian people. Since it is not available for Latvia and other countries.


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