Yesterday topic continues.

Surprisingly, today I found one person, who is ready to come to follow Iron Maiden Nordic tour (in case ticket price will not be extremely high).

As well, today I have conversation with one colleague (I have offered him to join us), he had counter offer to join him on Wacken Open Air event, this band supposed to be there too. I have rejected this offer, I’m too old for this 🙂

Seriosly, as Maiden is one of the headliner, they will be at the end of the day. He said: “If you wake up early in the mu could get the opportunity to stand on the first rows”. Like this, (Metallica concert first rows in Tallinn 2006).
MetallicaAs probably somehow it is possible to stand 2 hours there, but not all the day long.

Colleague said: “I was at the first row 12 hours at one festival”. How it is possible for normal people, I have no idea. As even 5 hours is not too comfortable deal in the middle of 80000 crowd during “Metallica“, “Bullet for My Valentine” performance.

I think that single concert is better option. At the end lyrics about old rock-n-roller (in Russian).

In case you do not understand Russian,

the song is about rock-n-roll man, who currently has family and almost nothing from the rock-n-roll past. That it was hard to imagine TV, football and family time ago, when he was young. However rock-n-roll is living in his soul anyway.

The song is written by the band “Кино”,

Эй, где твои туфли на манной каше,
И куда ты засунул свой двубортный пиджак?
Спрячь подальше домашние тапки, папаша,
Ты ведь раньше не дал бы за них и пятак.
А когда-то ты был битником, у-у-у.
Когда-то ты, ты был когда-то битником.
Ты готов был отдать душу за рок-н-ролл,
Извлеченный из снимка чужой диафрагмы.
А теперь – телевизор, газета, футбол,
И довольна тобой твоя старая мама.
Рок-н-ролльное время ушло безвозвратно,
Охладили седины твоей юности пыл.
Но я верю и верить мне в это приятно,
Что в душе ты остался таким же, как был.

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