Money “blackhole”.

Do you know the main advantage of point and shoot camera (Russian and Latvian languages have more ironic meanings “мыльница” and “ziepju trauks” ) ? It is ready to use since camera is unpacked from the box. Top models for point and shoot cameras are very strong opponent for dSLR cameras (digital single lens reflex).

The photograph is making and creating pictures, camera is just helping him/her. However expenses for point and shoot cameras are not compared to dSLR. These expenses for point and shoot consists of memory card, price for them is not very high, and if you are unlucky batteries/accumulators and charger required. That’s all and you are ready to create ‘master pieces’.

The different story is about dSLR cameras.

I have played with them on this weekend. I have almost lost interest to photographynikon.jpg canon.jpg(currently we have point and shot camera), however on the weekend played with dSLR and this lighted fire again. In case I would buy camera tomorrow, most likely I would select between Canon EOS 400D or 40D :), and Nikon D80. Thanks, that I have another priorities now, that’s why a lot of time to make correct decision.

However, dSLR camera would become real money “blackhole”. Just imagine, how much it would cost.

– Second battery;

– normal flash;

– additional objectives (in case default would not satisfy);

– filter, lens.

OMG, expensive toy, I must say.


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  1. I strongly disagree! I dare you to find one p-s camera that even comes close to SRL quality and depth of field. Low light performance, per pixel clarity, colour accuracy, lens defects (vignette, chromatic aberrations, colour cast) and versatility are just a few critical differences I could think of.

    A SRL does not require a second battery unless you plan to shoot every day for a week without power sources (mine lasts ~1000 shots).


  2. Posted by Sergejs on October 25, 2007 at 8:28 am

    Hard to argue with you, p-s is cheaper anyway that is the point 🙂

    dSLR camera should make better pictures, it sounds like a fact, we cannot compare quality on details and with definitions above 🙂

    However, not all photographs have purpose to make “masterpiece” with every shot, just make photos for the memories (etc.), some of them are satisfied with features from p-s camera. Off course they are not able to compete with professional photographs, but they are able to create good ones with p-s.

    As well, I dare that photograph skills can be the factor too, that skilled photograph is able to create better picture with p-s camera, than less skilled with expensive dSLR, isn’t it ?

    I agree for battery, but there might be situations when power source is not available, second not all cameras have such nice feature as additional less-consuming display, finally there might be option that you simply forgot power cable with you.


  3. “forgot power cable” that’s the same as “forgot battery” 😀

    “some are satisfied with p-s” well yes, some are satisfied with tractors, or living in boxes under bridges. it doesn’t make p-s any better only because “some” people like them.


  4. Posted by Sergejs on October 26, 2007 at 9:54 am

    Well, the same,
    Some of us use old cars some of us new, some of us like BMW, some of us Smart.

    It is not better, but it is cheaper 🙂 that could be advantage for some cases, off course it is hard to argue about photo qualities, that are taken by skillful photograph.


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