Этот парень был из тех, Кто просто любит жизнь/This guy was one of them, who loved the life.

hd.jpgThis cover song from “Aria”is always associated with friendship (originally song theme is by “Golden Earing” band).

Yesterday, I had great conversation about different things around life. That makes me to think about the key to good friendship and the edge between friends and acquittance (colleagues, other people around you).

In conclusion good friendship is like relations between lawyer and client. Friendship is not possible without both sides openness, like lawyer is not able to protect client without other side openness. As only this fact ensures lawyer to find out the best ways to protect the client. There is not deal[friendship], when client is hiding necessary information.

The second thing is information “NDA” (non-disclosure agreement) between both sides. The difference for previous projection, it is possible to sign some kind of “NDA” between lawyer and client, but it is not possible to sign and establish “NDA” rules between two friends. In case they are both cherish to each other, they feel the “NDA” edge on the relations and aware of the information, that could be published further or kept between them.

It is very easy to ruin relations, when invisible “NDA” edge is not followed, however it is great tool to test the friendship and other person relations to you.

So openness and invisible “NDA” are two rules for good friendship and great conversation, only than people can talk about any things freely.

During the life there is some circle created, where are included friends, who have been tested for long time. It is very nice to have such persons, thanks to them 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jenny on November 1, 2007 at 10:45 pm

    Friendship is not like relations between the client and lawyer 🙂 To be realistic client and lawyer relationship are based on money, even taking alone the fact that according to the law the activity of sworn advocate should not be determined on getting profit. However the reality is like this. If the client doesn’t provide with enough information it is the problem of the client mainly,his problem won’t be solved properly, and its usually noted in the contract. So it is bussines — one thing for the other. But it is possible that the lawyer is solving someone’s problems just to get experience as well, just because it is interesting for him, but even though it is not a friendship, it is work, it’s different…. To this conclusion I came after a half a year of practice in Law Office. Friendship is much more deeper.


  2. Posted by Sergejs on November 2, 2007 at 12:30 am

    Friendship is deeper, but it starts from these things. I’m not a lawyer like you, too far away from lawyers.

    Real friendship is not possible, when money or other similar self-interests are involved, on the other hand it is impossible (almost) to imagine relations between client and lawyer without money (money interest from lawyer).

    Yes, there is the difference, correct.


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