Run to the hills or thoughts about life in Latvia.

IrrogativeWell, everyone knows that a lot of people from Latvia are going abroad (England, Scotland, Ireland, go figure where). Some of them are going to the normal job, some of them to low quality job. Everybody has his own head and brains to decide, whether it is correct choice or not.

Sometimes I’m very skeptic about people, who go to low-quality job there. Sometimes I consider, whether it is possible, that someday I will go there too (I do not consider low-quality offers of course).

Actually there 4 or 5 countries, where probably I would go: England, Germany, USA/Canada, Australia. Probably Germany is favorite one, but it has the biggest disadvantage, I do not know German language at the same level as English.

That’s why it is worth to consider things, that are available here and not available there and vice versa.

Let’s start with pro’s about not going abroad, but stay here in Latvia.

1) Friends and family. It is possible to move with some family members of course, but it is not possible to take all friends, that you have in Latvia. That could be a real problem.

2) Work/Job. Currently I’m happy with my current job. It would be very hard to find something similar.

3) Short-term stability. At least for one or two months, I do not have to think about things how to find food or where to sleep.

4) Language. I’m not any kind of Guru in Latvian of course, as well I’m starting to forget russian as well. My English knowledges are at the middle of something, however I think that 3 weeks in pub with native-speakers could help a lot to improve the language.

It is possible to find few others pro’s (these are main pro’s). But let’s go to the con’s. Firstly I have tried to make them in order of importance, just like pro’s, but then I’ve got them mixed up. There is no any order of importance.

1) Long-term stability, due to the current situation and unclear situation in Latvia, probably life and job abroad could be more stable.

2) “Freaks” on the streets and overall level of the culture of some inhabitants. That is the problem sometime, when you go to the shop, groceries or anywhere in public, sometimes you can meet inadequate persons, that really make you feel uncomfortable.

3) Price and quality problem. Recent changes in Latvia brought high prices for the products, however price for them (imported from poland, and other countries) are too high, even if you compare west country prices, even without considering quality of the products in the West.

4) Police. It is enough to compare the stereotypes of the policemans, for instance in German and Latvia. Respect and confidence that they help you, when you need it, but I doubt that a lot of people are thinking in the same way here in Latvia.

5) Public transport and movement freedom in peak hours. This is problem local to Riga city, as well it is related to card drivers and people who use public transport. I’m not sure that it is normal behavior, that people have to spend 3 hours everyday to get to work and back home from one part of the Riga to another. Government is trying to improve the current situation, however currently there are not any good signs. Public transport is issue as well. Ok, currently it costs 3/5 $ or ~1/2 Euro, you can afford to go in overcrowded bus, that is always late to the direction that might not be very comfortable, however some rumors about 2$ price for such public transport at 2010, certainly makes me sick.

Well, pro’s and con’s are on the different levels for now, it is not very easy to choose which one pro’s or con’s factors are more important at this time (it depends). Some events and thing, sometimes reduces importance of the pro’s to such low level, uh.

Public transport.

4 responses to this post.

  1. If I wanted to go abroad, I know that one of your problems wouldn’t be a problem for me at all – the work issue. Not because I consider myself an extremely intelligent person (I do, of course) but because I already work in a company which in case a person is interested in working full time in the main company headquarters is usually encouraging. That means that if I *really* wanted to I could pack my bags and head to Geneva, Switzerland. Currently I wouldn’t do such a thing but in case the situation in Latvia would get really screwed up – who knows.
    What goes to the rest of your pros/cons list, mine would be pretty similar to yours. I personally don’t mind the Latvian police but otherwise you hit it on spot.
    The list of countries I could theoretically accept as my dwelling place would include the following: Switzerland, Canada, Australia, UK, USA (although unlikely), Czech Republic, Hungary (to the latter I would only go if I had to live in the capital, not anywhere else), worst case scenarios – Germany, Austria.


  2. Posted by Sergejs on October 18, 2007 at 4:39 pm

    Hm, I think that I have some opportunities to find good job abroad (probably), probably it would take sometime. Currently I hope, that there will not be any situations, that may cause me to think about moving abroad and meet all described issues.
    As well my current job is very good, it is not easy to find something similar.

    I’ve never been to Switzerland, it means that it is worth to meet that place (we all came down to Montreaux), Hungary /Budapest is very original choice, I have never been there too, but two friends have very bad memories from the Budapest and Hungary, bad luck probably.


  3. Posted by Nuno Antunes on February 21, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    Hi there! i’m thinking in go to Latvia in September, can you give me some tips? see ya!


  4. Posted by Sergejs on February 22, 2008 at 8:48 pm

    Hi, what exactly are you interesting in ?


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