One world, it’s a battleground…

onBulbe world, and we will smash it down. Pink Floyd (The dogs of the war).

Every great song has hidden point, that everybody may treat point in the different ways. Thanks for someone, that I have a little imagination and ability to interpret different things.

I’m not the environmentalist, I’m not the anti-environmentalist.

Everywhere should be harmony and balance, the main problem is that everyone has different thoughts of harmony. On one hand, I can say that I’m doing a lot of the things from this list, but not because I’m environmentalist. I’m doing even more.

On the other hand these efforts might be useless, known countries are not signed Kyoto Protocol, to protect the economy and that everyone should have the same rights. As well there are enthusiasts who may try to move things faster and raise unpopular issues, but sometimes these enthusiasts are practically nothing to the other population.  Environment problems are not popular, these are not present on TV, and every person has own fundamentals.

As well, it is worth to hear and consider the arguments of the anti environmentalists, just because they have something to say as well, just because they are joined anti environmentalist team, they had something in mind.

I cannot join any group, because I’m not informative on this problem.

This is a great idea to force blogger participation, because nowadays this part of society becomes stronger and stronger, that may influence to make changes and reconsider different laws. Volunteer society can do great thing, in case there is inspiration and great inspirer or groups of inspirer. Just today talked about bloggers actions, who were able to force shut down fake advertising and proceed to the court persons who organized fake advertisements.

That’s why that is someone great idea to get involved more bloggers, probably to help solve someone problems, but look at the list above few things are certainly necessary for the future.

P.S. inspired by Blog action day, Normunds, Raimonds, and few other subscribed feeds.


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