Yesterday, today, Tomorrow…

I like traveling, see new places, interact with new people, whose lifestyle is completely MAPdifferent is always attractive for me. I think that it cames from the parents (more father), that from 4 years I was going to different places. Father had taken me to the places, where probably I never return, like return, like terrific river “Chusovaja” near Yekaterinburg  at  middle Ural, when I was 6 year old. If you will ever had a chance to go there, go. Many other different places were visited too, some of them are cleared from the memory and saved on ‘tricky’ slides, unusual slides specific thing, that was used widely at Soviet Union.

Years later, I started to travel to different cities and places (I was not being at too manyBerlin_border places, however some of the I have managed to visit).  If someone will ask for the most favorite place, that I visited for the last time. Certainly it was Berlin, as I found there too much things, that are interesting to me, and that are not available at other places or partially available. As city is full of different places, that are breathing with today innovatives, tomorrow expectations, different yesterday historical events. The two things are separate factor, why I’m not living there. I do not speak German and my current company is not located there.

There is  the place that I want to visit for 2-3 years long, probaby just for the ‘proof of concept’, it is called “San-Francisco”. Ehm, this magnetic and ‘pop’ West coast. There are few arguments, why I want to visit to San-Francisco.

Today/tomorrow I’m going to Belarus (yes, now it is correct name for the country), to Belarus/Braslavthe place where I born. My colleague joked, “you will not get visa to US, because of the fact that you were born there”. Well, despite of the negative colors, the way described situation in the Belarus, normal people are living there in normal conditions mostly. Some of the enjoying their life, some of them not, just like everywhere.

However each country,  town, place are different, that’s the point


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  1. Posted by Smeerfs on October 12, 2007 at 9:30 am

    “each country, town, place are different, that’s the point” and that is the best thing in traveling. When I remember Berlin I remember the smell (flavour) of Berlins’ subway. Its something specific and interesting not awful but it reminds me Berlin. Maybe that is because for first time I used the subway exactly in Berlin


  2. Posted by Sergejs on October 12, 2007 at 10:03 am

    Aha, always there are specific things, that every place, city, country is associated with.

    St. Petersburg is associated for me with subway smell, because there I were first time in the subway 🙂


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