Move to MAC everywhere.

I have almost decided to use MacOS on the work too.

Home Windows PC is living the last days (I mean, we will use until it die). Linux at work sometimes is very confusing, I agree that this is due to used hardware configuration on the PC. But let’s try Mac for sometime.

At the work I do not use any tricky software, that may cause troubles in the moving between OS. However, I got half a day to battle with different issues, in order to get all required software to work.

1) First of all, I’m using web-browser, funny is in it ? Actually I like Safari, I like it very much. I was being very skeptical to install any other. Very nice system is used there, it is working fine extremely well with all browsers, that I tried. Everything was good with Safari, but one specific page, that is used extremely often is able to work only Firefox. Oh man. I should go with Camino, that is the same as Firefox, but for MAC. It works fine for this time, this custom web-page also is working fine.

2) The main concern was mail management, when I considered switch to MacOS at work. I have ~10GB of mail for 2 years, I have used POP3. So switching to Mac/laptop, then POP3 is not looking as good solution. IMAP. IMAP was big concern for me, actually speed that I can get with IMAP and such e-mail quantity ~200-300 a day. As well note, that all e-mails are stored at the archive, so speed issues was a big deal. But Apple mail client was able to surprise me (surprise with the capital S). It is working very fast and reliable until now.

3) Well, then my troubles began. I need two .exe files to load, one is Winbox and second is specific .exe file. As MacOS is not Windows it is not possible to run .exe files, there is a some of alternatives of course, but it was no the point. So I’ve used Darwine and this example, the main problem was to find Darwine. It was not possible to download Darwine version from the official page, but Google saved the day. As well I installed Xtools, it is approximately 1BG download from the Apple development page. Then go over the steps in wiki and get Winbox working.

4)  The latest battle was to install Minicom (software that is used for Terminal Emulation, allows to access devices via COM port). Firstly I tried options ‘ports’ (MacPorts), that is something very similar to my favorite ‘apt-get’ tool,  that allows to install different software. Macports were successfully installe, but there were problems with command like ‘apt-get update’ or ‘sudo ports update’/’sudo ports sync’. I have tried a lot of combinations, googled a lot of different topics. Finally, I give up.

I started to search for the alternatives, topic from Aaron Adams blog helped me. However, I have used only part from there. I’ve downloaded Minicom, Wizzard installation began, that installed minicom.

sudo /usr/local/bin/minicom -s 

command that loaded Minicom, however the last hurdle was to initialize my USB-Serial converter. It is not possible to run Minicom, unless you have specified serial device, at “Serial Port Configuration” –> “Serial Device”.

Erm, what should I type there ?

MAC does not have COM port, I’m using USB-COM converter. Funny, that it had been initialized at  the system information, when you got to System profiler, but ls -la /dev does not return any result for (there were only cu.Bluetooth-Modem cu.Bluetooth-PDA-Sync). A lot of different links were investigated (2 hours), while my colleague Janis said “Ei, I have googled and first link I got is about drivers”. Erm, what drivers, but it is correct drivers, drivers for USB dongle were necessary. Afther the installation, I finally got,

ls -la /dev/cu*

I entered /dev/cu.PL2303-000034FD  and got Minicom.

Let us see, what kind of issues will be on the way.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I do not want to sound mean or anything like that – but have you ever tried IMAP on your linux box? Yes there are some weird glitches with linux IMAP clients, but you never used one 😉

    Have a Fruity Mail experience…


  2. Posted by Sergejs on October 15, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    Balsa, Thunderbird and Sylpheed are mail clients that I have tried with IMAP 1.5 year ago. Probably then there was problem with e-mail server IMAP, that has been resolved now.

    I haven’t tried them recently, your truth.
    As well I’m not complaining about IMAP slowness on the Linux, I had concerns about IMAP speed on MAC.


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