Three things to visit in London.

Some kind of nostalgia stroked me, we have visited London at January 2007. This city is taken very controversial and two-sided place on the memory. On the one side amazing different cultural places, famous places, free museums (not sure about now, as they had a plan to take a fee), their specific things (cabs, left-hand, traffic, red buses, Oyster and travel cards), Camden town and much more. On the other hand some problems that are known, that sometimes makes feel uncomfortable people, who are not used to see different things, that are not being present on their country.

London is very famous of different places, some of them are just ‘proof of concept’, some of them not, besides three highlighted things, there is a lot “London Eye“, “Tower“, “Tower Bridge“, science museum, modern museum Tate, natural history museum, Wembley stadium and many many other different places. One week is not enough to attend all the places, and one post would be to long, in case to list all the things to see and do in London.


Let’s start,

1) “South bank walk”, here is approximate route ,
this walk is called as London for free, as London is not used to be the cheapest city, we have tried not to spent a lot of money, but London offers different options, like free museums and such tremendous walk down the river.

That was our first day at London, we lived on sister apartments. We arrived at 12 o’clock to London, got our lunch and at 15:30 to avoid peak hours directed to tube station. It is called ‘Westminster Abbey’, as original walk is going over river Thames bank, we as ‘crazy tourists’ changed the route a bit.


As soon as you exit “Westminster Abbey” tube station you get Victoria or so-called “Big Ben clocks”, so it means that Parliament is near. We walked around the Parliament, some kind of session there was at that day, but we do not have change to see Tony Blair (Prime-minister on this time), there is no chance to get near to it. Opposite to Parliament, there is Westminster Abbey, the great effect I noticed there, near the parliament is very noise, once you get to the North entrance, it becomes to silent. Trough St.James Park to Buckingham palace, but it was just “proof of concept”. Then back to the Thames bank trough the short streets of London, unexpectedly we had reached Trafalgar square, Nelson monument.

Different buildings and places could be reached on this road to ‘Tower Bridge’, it is even dangerous to step from the way, as one day could not be enough to reach Tower Bridge, as new turn makes new places. When Tower is approached, the end of journey is very far, we had spent 5 or 6 hours from Westminster Abbey to Tower Bridge. Tower and Tower Bridge look extremely well at night, unfortunately visiting as closed at time we were there, but I must said that Tower is a bit expensive (30 pounds from 2 persons is high price)

2) Take “DLR” services, that is light rail service on East London. The trains are computer-controlled and normally have no drive, as well you may see different places. Some famous “DLR” destinations are “Canary Wharf”, “Greenwich”. We will talk about “Greenwich” at the 3 place to visit, but “Canary Wharf” is large business development. But this complex is also great at night with all lights on. There is nothing unique at this place, but walk over at the night produces great feelings. As well I do not recommend you to get at the DLR from Canary Wharf at 5 o’clock.


There is something unbelievable in peak hours not only for DLR, all tubes also. How stations and trains can carry such number of passengers, it is hard to believe, there is constant flow. But besides these facts, repairing that cause to close different routes on holidays, worker strikes, tube is good. It is fast enough, maps and directions make this understandably for child. As well different London inhabitants recommend buses instead of tube, as you get the opportunity to see more beauties, but bus system is not so good organized for my opinion.

3) Place to go is boat from Greenwich to Westminster, we went on this journey at the last day of our stay in London, and found this journey very amazing. It is possible to take boot on Greenwich to Westminster, it is possible to see different places from the another angle (especially if you walked by 1 route).

Trip takes 1 or 1.5 hour. However I recommend to pay attention to Greenwich park, it is very nice park really, as well for proof of concept you may “climb” to Royal observatory and cross zero meridian line.


I have thought, that this route is even possible within one day, but I’m not sure about the last board scheduled from Greenwich. But in the paper such route is possible (fast way London :),

– arrive to Westminster early at the morning, go to the Tower Bridge,

– find station ‘Bank’ and get DLR, you may exit at Canary Wharf, in case you are interested in.

– take DLR to Greenwich.

Things that you need, trained legs, patience and good memory card, if you are similar to “Japan tourist”.

I think that too much impressions on one day is too much, that’s why it is better to take those trips in different days. At my trip, there were first day (1) and last day (3), DLR was used by us as well frequently.

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