Where is my macbook.

design_topimagecenter20061108.jpgMy Macbook is traveled to Lithuania, where is located headquarters of the company, where Macbook was originally purchased, as local Latvian distributor is not repairing Macbook, that are not distributed by them (well, everyone has its own specific business politic).

This week, I got into the situation, when I realized some “rumored” advantages of the MacOS. It is ‘no hunting for drivers’. I had to connect my SE K800i to the Windows PC, thanks god that I have installation CD with me. As Windows installed drivers for 8 different devices, that it found when I plugged my phone. The procedure was about 20 minutes long, unless I have access to the phone, argh two commands and 30 seconds on the MacOS for the same procedure.

Ok, there is another question/discussion about the hardware space requirements, it is not a secret, that MacOS uses more space than XP, however situation become a bit absurd, when Microsoft mouse is not working with XP without driver installed, but works fine on MacOS.

As well another question, when device is not very popular and not included into the huge list of the device that are supported by MacOS, then driver installation should be problematic, if ever possible at all.

My point as for the end customer, that it just works is more preferred, as procedure that I was going trough the phone installation is not so apparent for the human, that does not touch with computers. Why should I know all that things, as I only want that device ‘just works’.

Well, I’m not really impressed about the different ads for MAC, as I do not admit “humiliation” in any manner, as some of them for me is trying to humiliate, however it is not best approach to advertise your product, that probably better than competitors. As well this page contains mixed and confusepoints, why you should get a mac.

They are looked very similar and cross-referenced to me, (1) , (3) and (5) are the same, all the information about new software also strongly relied on (2) paragraph.

Anyway the time when I started to think about MacOS and Macbook, I had the great wiliness to try anything alternative from home (Windows XP) and work (Ubuntu, Feisty now). MacOS was/is able to satisfy my requirements, but this is another story.

Certainly “Drivers” feature is very comfortable at MacOS (for the device that are supported), I do need to spend extensive time to get work my phone or any other device, as well the most important that all that actions are intuitive and friendly. As all that I need from the Mac, just plug wire and use ‘iSync’ to connect to the phone, bluetooth method is more “complicated”,

– enable Bluetooth (documentation for this is not even required), click on ‘B’ (bluetooth symbol) on the top panel;

– enable Bluetooth on the phone and allow Mac to connect;

– run ‘iSync‘ on the Mac.

2 responses to this post.

  1. My phone was not supported by iSync because Apple managed to ruin support for many phone manufacturers by releasing iSync version that where not compatible with each other and manufacturer needed to release drivers for each version of iSync. luckily, someone haced K750 support drivers to support my phone, so i can use iSync to sync it with my Mac.


  2. Posted by Sergejs on October 8, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    As I said, I was lucky that my phone support was there. I was able to “taste” just 2 clicks to get all info I need, download/upload files.

    I accept fact that unsupported device would make more troubles to get the device.


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