If you’re goin’ to San Francisco, You’re gonna meet some gentle people there.

I noticed that as more places I have visited, I have one band or song in the mind. At the time I hear this song, I remember the city,place and most memorable moments.

Here is the list for the cities, that are strongly associated with the different songs. Some of the cities visited for the 1.5 year,

– Berlin is strongly associated with Judas Priest “Painkiller”. The answer to this association comes from the fact, that when I first time was at Berlin, I have my mp3 player, where one of the album was “PainKiller”. I arrived at Berlin at 00:00 from Hamburg and my plane was at 06:30. So I decided that I have time to get to the train that bring me to the Shonefeld Airport. The way to Shonefeld was not so easy. For half an hour I was unable to find “S” station, then I finally found it and started to wait. 20 minutes after there was S9 or S7 that has destination Shonefeld, but that’s a shame that was one of the latest trains, it destination was Ostbahnhof (~15km before Shonefeld). I spent 2 hours at the Osbahnhof listened to “Judas Priest”, then at 3 0’clock I decided to have a walk to the next station, because there were a train that departed 30 minutes earlier. Additional hour to hear the Judas Priest, I successfully reached Warchauer street, went through turkish “banda” meeting, and without any problem arrived to airport.

– Sharm-el-Sheikh is associated with Pink Floyd and especially “Delicate Sound of Thunder“, and especially song “One of These Days”. This music was loaded at the Normis IPOD. One of these days always remembers about 2 o’clock at the morning, nice night lights of Sharm-El-Sheikh at nigh, road to Cairo. Uh, was anybody expected about the issues, what happened later (disgusting food quality at Cairo cafe was not good for half of stomachs from our group).

– Liepāja brings so many associations with different bands (especially Latvian bands, as there were too many from this town), however one foreign band is associated too. It is  “Scorpions” with  symphonic orchestra, this goes from Trip to Liepaja at July this year. When we showed real Baltic sea for the guests, we have moved from Rīgat at 16:00, there was sunny +22-23 weather, near the Liepāja we met +14-15 and heavy raining. At this time this album was played at the car.

Other associations that already emerge,

– Orlando, “Placebo” – “Every you and every me”. This trip to Orlando was not planned, I had tickets to their concert at Rīga, but then plans changed and I went to US.

– London, “The Verve – Bittter Sweet Symphony”. I do not why The Verve.

2 responses to this post.

  1. “Delicate sound of thunder” is a concert. The song is from “Meddle” 🙂 Glad you liked it


  2. Posted by Sergejs on October 4, 2007 at 10:22 am

    I know that it is concert, let’s call it live album.
    Anyway ‘Delicate sound of Thunder’ is very nice concert. Live concert albums/DVD I like more, especially for the bands, who can produce great live show. (As some bands are not).

    Certainly Pink Floyd was the great band in live performance (one of the greatest in the list). Different people say that “Muse” is taken their role now. As I’m not big fan of the “Muse”, I cannot say anything about them, but different friends say “they were great at Arena Riga”, but tastes differ.

    Certainly, I’m a fan of the oldies ’70 ’80 music, and I’m a fan of Pink Floyd too 🙂


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