English summer rain, it seems to last for ages.

This is EnglandIt is hard to stay unresponsive after this film. I think that even the extremist racists could not able to stay unresponsive after this film.

Shortly story is about skinheads or even nazi at the England at 1983 (story about boy, who s father died at Falklands war, how he found and spent time with the new “company”).

Movie is not “soft” and contains very rough and tough/violent scenes, however movie forces to think about the different things (one of the purposes of each movie).

One of the thought is that most of troubles and problems human generates by his own in time of idleness, when he/she gets work to do, when he/she has and idea to fill the free time.

Second one is more related to the film topic, movie shows extremist nazi/racist group in England, firstly it is shown that they are against Pakistan, sometimes is is shown, that they are against black people, finally at end it is clearly shown that they are against people, who have normal parents, normal house, normal friends and normal work (things that they do not have, and even do not want to have).

I should admit that there are a lot of different groups of people, mostly at the center of London and in specific areas (London is the only, where I was in England), sometimes it is not easy to perceive all of them, but certainly there is no any reason to take the guns and shot all of them, just because they are “invading” your homeland.

As in every “hate” between nations, just exist groups that are firing conflicts with “dumb” ideas and actions. It is very silly to set all nation people to “bad” group, just because of some “stupid” actions (sometimes systematic). Every race, nation contains good people, who can respect the other and cooperate with them, vice versa every race, nation has groups of people that are not able to respect other representatives due to their limitation, lack of the imagination, other problems.

As well I’m not against healthy “nationalism” or patriotism, that is used to protect nation from the foreigners, when immigrants are building their own order, set total disrespect for domestic tradition, language, religion. Such kind of immigrants are annoying too, why then they came to other land to build their own “world”, in case it is built already by the nation there.

Film is full of impressive scene, at the end when black guy, who previously was also member of this group, that at the beginning was for ‘good England’. Black guy was invited to the house of current organization leader, word by word they clarify that he [black guy] has a lot of things, that other current members do not have or even do not willing to have. Unbelievably truly is show strongest envy on the face of the leader, as they “good” people with great ideas do not have and did not have anything like that. They numb ideas do not work and the main hero finally is making right conclusion.

Anyway film is impressing (at least for me). Thanks to Dmitry for the recommendation.

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