Three things to remember.

Finally, I have found the song that I’ve long time searched for.
All songs with such memorable melodies are simple indeed, I mean melodies are simple usually, very easily to repeat, however this should come to someone mind to drive the other minds, even words are not important in such case.

This melody was for long time at my head, most interesting is that I’m not Hip-Hop fan at all (let’s call it as opposite style). This song I heard at the one TV show about NBA, then I heard it somewhere. Yesterday I decided that it is time to find it, 1 hour I’ve searched over google and yahoo, finally Wikipedia provides with an answer, that this song is for TNT show about NBA events,

Eh, I remember my trip to Orlando at the may-june this year, I must admit that something like nostalgia are present for such moments. I did not see US much, I must say I did not see US at all. All that I saw was Hotel Marriott, Florida Mall, TGI Fridays and Denny’s.

However there are 3 things that I liked too much, when being at the US. That’s why I would like to return, em…

1) People there, they were very open and kind. In some Europe countries they are also open but not so much, however Americans were a big surprise to me. Probably they have another attitude and thoughts on their minds, probably they were speaking different things when you left. But it was really nice to communicate with them.

2) American food was really nice. Probably because of the fact that we went to expensive cafes and restaurants, such as T.G.I. Fridays (I do not know, whether it is expensive at the US, as the prices were comparable to our cafes. But not with Latvian T.G.I. Fridays, where stake costs 3-4 times expensive). Food was delicious.

3) The last thing that I’m missing, it is basketball. Well it was really nice opportunity, after long day of events, hard-work and nice supper, you are get back to the hotel. You switch on the TV and forget about everything for the time of show. At this time, there were NBA conference finals. eh that’s shame, that you have to live at US to fully enjoy this event. It is not the same to watch the same show records or at live at 5 o’clock at the morning. It is something that is specific only to America among other things.


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