Exclave or enclave

RigaHeh, this is new name for city, where I work (I live near this city). One day by the way local bus-taxi crashed into letter “Ī”, city name is Riga or Rīga.

However, the name “Pica” for me is associates with “Čilli Pica”, time ago I was shocked with the fact, that this is not Latvian company. Weird, “Čilli Pica” is very popular and offer their services widely (there is a lot of them at Rīga, there are at Liepāja, Jelgava, Valmiera). Wuh, how many Latvian companies are here in Latvia, that are oriented to mass production and mainstream. Even companies that involves foreign capital, but anyway are Latvian company not branch, filial or representative (the one is similar, where I’m working, as one of the executives is not born here, however he lives long time here in Latvia, but with another country citizenship).

Sometimes I’m starting to think that XVII-XVIII is back, when Sweden owned part of the current Latvia territories.
Doh, as all vital, main companies belong to foreign representatives. From where to start ?

1) Local groceries stores,
Rimi” one of the biggest company – belongs to Sweden company.
Maxima” belongs to Lithuanian company;

2) Banks, mostly there are Sweden banks present here,
Hansabanka“, “SEB“, “Nordea“.
Norvegian/Germany “DnB-Nord“.
Indeed some Latvian banks exist.

3) What next, petrol stations.
Statoil” – used to be Norwegian company.
Neste” – used to be Finnish company.

4) Telecommunication companies,
LMT” – 49 % belongs to TeliaSonera, Swedish/Finish,
Tele2” – belongs to Sweden company.

The most important companies belong to foreign companies, I think that almost every person here in Latvia is client at least for one of the listed companies.
It is possible to continue with electricity, gas, sugar, etc. etc. What is the point to wondering about big import, oh the last that will be Latvian,
Karums“, (if it is not made from Estonian ingredients);
Marupes tomatoes“.


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  1. Amazing page.., man


  2. I’m glad you found it interesting 🙂


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