That’s a shame.

My Macbook battery does not work anymore. Macbook is reverted to stand-alone PC (annoying experience I must admit).

Interesting fact, that there are plenty of users that have experienced the same issue with battery at Macbooks. Macrumour forums, even Mac forums and other sources from google should bring interesting results.

The problem might appear for Macbook, which was at sleep mode and battery was fully drained of power (in my case there were 2 days). Next time you want to switch up Macbook (Power adapter), battery is not recognized. Macbook is fully operational, expect that battery does not work and it is able to work with plugged power cord.

Do not left your Macbooks uncharged, but I will go the local distributor to change the battery.

Apple offers some solutions steps, that might help for lucky users (not mine case), all of them does not work for me. I’m going to use the latest step,

“If any other of the above symptoms persist after following these steps, please contact AppleCare support for further assistance.

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  1. let us know what the store said


  2. Posted by Sergejs on September 29, 2007 at 11:07 am

    Sorry as you were on the vacation you do not know, I forgot to post the update here.

    They accepted warranty return without any problems, I’m waiting either for the old recharged battery or new one,
    (this warranty guy said that there few Macbooks with same problem, if you remember I believe Girts had the same problem).

    When battery state is too low, Macbook is not able to power, it should be ‘reprogrammed’ 😀 (in other words power with external power the battery, than it works).

    As well they said that Capital is able to make this operation, but they would not, that’s they sent Macbook to Lithuania for repairing center. Moreover, Dz. said that he can help to recharge the battery, but as I know Dz., it is better to wait for the warranty repair.


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