Мы танцуем на палубе тонущего корабля/We are dancing on the sinking ship

This mail from the one of the biggest Latvian mobile operator to Latvian goverment and president, approves my thoughts that I will never again use their services (at least not from my own pocket).

In case some of you do not understand Latvian, in brief this mail is about company offer and worries about Latvian future to Latvian government. Currently as far as I know, Latvian government uses services of other mobile company (first and the biggest at Latvia), second company is trying to compete. Very high level of the inflation is right now at the country, second company (which sent open letter to the government) has offered to their aid to bit the inflation and therefore government should use their services, that will be with 30% discount to the current price.

Nice and artful offer, however if we left behind such things as offered quality, differences at price, company faces on the market and other things. Why they are giving their offer to government guys, what about ordinary people (which factors do not allow them to get the same discount). There is not any offers to ordinary people, of course it is business. Government guys would give a lot of additional incomes and 30% is very worth discount. It’s like great play and speculation about the inflation, if all their clients and potential clients will get such discount, that would help you with inflation, not such “load” offers.

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